Rugged and challenging 50K+ and 25K run on an active volcano

Aug 3rd–4th

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Registration closes Jul 25th

Requirements & Rules

Mandatory Race Gear

This is the list of safety gear you need to carry with you during the 50K race. If you are missing an item during a gear check you will be disqualified or not allowed to start.

  • Ability to carry at least 40 oz of water
  • Long-sleeved, wind-resistant jacket
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle

Race Experience

Due to the remote, mountain environment and challenging aspect of this course, it is required to have completed at least a 50K trail race or the Volcanic 25K prior to race day, for the 50K. You will enter a link to your previous result during the registration process. There is no pre-requisite for the 25K. The Volcanic 25K will count as a pre-req for the 50K though!

Race Rules

We’ve been very fortunate to have been granted permission to hold this race in a sensitive but beautiful environment.

  1. Any runner who litters on the course will automatically be disqualified from this race and future races. Any litter left on the course may jeopardize our ability to continue to host events on public trail systems. We recommend that you carry an extra baggie to stash small wrappers and gel tabs that can easily be dropped by accident.
  2. Be respectful of other users of the Monument before, during and after the race. Step aside if you come upon a hiker/biker on the trail.
  3. You must carry the listed mandatory gear throughout the race.
  4. Dogs are not allowed on the course by participants.
  5. No bushwacking or short cutting.
  6. The aid stations are cupless. Bring your own cup or drinking vessel if you want to take liquid aid from the aid stations. You can refill bladders and bottles. Read more about Go Beyond Racing going cupless


Why are the finish times slower than a typical 50K?

Because this is not a typical 50K! We say to expect a finish time more like a 50-miler than a 50K. The course is tough and there are rugged sections where you will not be able to run.

Is there pacing or crewing?

No pacing. If you have a crew and they want to hike about 5 miles into one of the aid stations, great! However, it would be difficult for them to get into more than one aid station. It is very difficult to get to AS 3 or AS 4 and get back in time to see the finish.

Are trekking poles allowed?


Can I run with my dog?

No. Dogs are not allowed on the course or at the aid stations. Well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcome at the start and finish.

Any drop bags?

No. You will have to carry your own gear (remember the mandatory race gear).

Can I volunteer?

You bet! Please sign up by clicking the green Volunteer button on the Ultrasignup registration page.

Can I camp at the start/finish?

Yes, you can sleep in your vehicle, or pitch a tent on the ground in front of your car, in the parking lot at Marble Mountain Sno Park, where the race start/finish is. We need to park a lot of vehicles though, so park tightly and don’t take up more than one space.