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Latest News

Cupless Racing with HydraPak

Go Beyond Racing was a pioneer in cupless trail racing, starting back to 2016. We continue to keep our focus on reducing waste in innovative ways at our events and […]

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$5 cash and Nossa coffee card for carpooling

Carpool, Cash, and Coffee

We believe that it is so important for runners to carpool to our races that we are going to pay for it. Starting this year, racers and volunteers who carpool […]

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Caitlin running her first ultra at Stumptown Trail Runs 50K

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid at your First Ultra

Are you getting ready to run your first ultra? You might be freaking out a bit so we’re sharing some of the common rookie mistakes that you can avoid so […]

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Go Beyond 2024 Race Comparison

Choosing one trail race over another can be difficult, especially if you don’t know very much about them. Is this one easier or harder than the other? You can look […]

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2024 Race Calendar 

Go Beyond Racing’s 2024 race schedule is here! There are some big changes for this coming year, with the (very sad) retirement of one of our most popular races, and […]

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Tips for New Trail Racers

Our sport has certainly grown in the last few years and we hear that the pandemic has introduced more people to running, and specifically trail running. And naturally that means […]

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