Elk-Kings Trail Races

We are no longer producing this race


The 50K has a new route! Why should the 25K runners get all the fun of Elk and Kings mountains? Starting in 2022, the new 50K course does a quick westbound out-and-back to Wilson Falls on the Wilson River trail before heading back east to go up and over Elk and Kings mountains and then returning along the Wilson River to the finish at Smith Homestead. There’s 7,500′ of gain and loss with lots of technical trail.

Start & Finish Locations

The 50K starts and finishes at the Smith Homestead – just east of the Tillamook Forest Center – on Highway 6.

50K Course

The course is almost entirely single-track. It has some very steep and very technical sections and involves scrambling, with your hands, up and down rocky trails with exposure. There is just over 7,500 feet of gain and loss with the two mountains you’ll summit. You will run through dense forests and cross small streams, and use fixed and manned ropes to descend from the top of Elk and on the backside of Kings mountains. This is a hard 50K and one you shouldn’t take lightly. This time of year the leaves could be in full color so expect a beautiful run.

Here is an interactive map you can play with.


The cut-off time for the 50K is 2:30 pm at the Wilson aid station (mile 23.4).  You must leave this aid station by this time, or the volunteers will have to pull you from the race.

Aid Stations

Aid Station Distance Crew Access Cutoff
Diamond Mill 7.1 Yes
Wilson 12.6 No
Elk Creek 16.2 No
Kings 19.7 No (limited aid station)
Wilson 23.4 No  2:30 PM
Diamond Mill 28.9 Yes
Finish 31.2

Go Beyond Racing is cupless. You’ll need to bring your own cup for liquid aid at all aid stations. You can refill bladders and bottles too. Read more about what it means to be cupless.

Aid stations are stocked with GU hydration electrolyte drink, GU gels, chips, Fig Newstons, PB&Js, gummy bears, fruit, and M&Ms. Please bring your own aid if you have special needs. The Kings aid station is limited with just water, electrolyte drink, and gels – plan your aid stops before and after well.


Bees can be an issue during the month of October in the forest.  If you are allergic to bees, you are required to carry an EPI-PEN during the race.