Elk-Kings Trail Races

We are no longer producing this race

Race Details

The Elk-Kings Trail Races have retired.

Thank you to everyone who participated in these really hard races over the last ten years. You should be very proud of your effort and accomplishment as these weren’t easy courses. Our hope is that you’ll continue to visit them on your own.

We were the first to put on races in the Tillamook Forest and it took some convincing. The forest officials were skeptical about the safety of our idea, and we even had to have a meeting with them and the Coast Guard to talk it all through. Over the decade of races, we introduced hundreds of people to the trails and area, (and never once did the Coast Guard have to rescue anyone).

Those views from up high aren’t the most majestic out there, but there’s just something about them that is really special. We always love seeing those selfies with the summit registers so keep tagging us in them. And, you can’t argue with the sadistic satisfaction that comes from sore quads the days after running hard down Kings. Thank you!

If you are looking for another 50K or 25K, we have some others you might consider: Mt Hood 50K & 25K, Volcanic 50K & 25K, Stumptown 50K & Half Marathon, and the Wy’east Wonder 50M & 50K.

rope descent off Elk Mountain in the race


We acknowledge that this race occured on the traditional homelands of the Tillamook, Siletz, and Clatskanie Tribes.