Cancellation Policy

There are all kinds of reasons someone may need to cancel their race registration; injury, family priorities, work gets in the way, under-training, over-training, the list goes on. This page explains the Go Beyond Racing cancellation policy and how we handle various situations. By registering for any of our races, you are agreeing to these terms.

Cancellation Policy when a Runner wants to Cancel their Registration:

If you need to cancel your registration and it’s more than 30 days prior to the race, you will receive a 50% race credit toward a future Go Beyond Racing race.

  • This credit is equal to half the value of the race you paid for, is placed on your account on Ultrasignup, and automatically applies to the next Go Beyond Racing race that you sign up for.
  • If you pre-ordered apparel or merchandise, we will add 100% of that amount added to your race credit.
  • You can use this credit within 365 days of it being issued. The race doesn’t have to occur in the time frame, just the registration.
  • Credits are not transferrable.
  • There are no refunds.

If your cancellation is 30 days or less from race day, there is no credit, no refund, or no transfer of the race registration fee or any pre-ordered merchandise. We do not ship any pre-ordered items to you when you cancel your registration, regardless of when you cancel.

If you need to cancel your registration and would like the credit, please NOTIFY US HERE.
Please do not notify us any other way, like through text, messages, or social media channel.


Some question why we don’t allow transfers or give refunds. Here’s why:

  • Everyone signs a waiver during the registration process. If you give your spot to someone they will not have signed the waiver and could go after us, our sponsors, vendors and race venues if they get hurt. A lawsuit could bankrupt us or other companies or could seriously affect our ability to put on races any longer.
  • Your friend races with your bib, unbeknownst to us. What if they go off course? We are looking for the wrong person or calling the wrong emergency contact!
  • Many of our races have a wait list. It isn’t fair for you to transfer your spot to someone who isn’t on the wait list, when there are people on the list hoping and crossing their fingers they get a spot.
  • It can really screw up the results if you give your bib to someone in a different age group or category. You may not care about that, but others certainly do.
  • We’ve already spent money on venue rental, race shirts, pint glasses, prizes, food, insurance, website hosting, taxes on your registration fee, gear and equipment, vendors’ services, and other items and services that we cannot recoup.


Cancellation Policy when Go Beyond Racing Cancels a Race:

Weather. Fire & Smoke. Pandemics. Acts of nature. These things are beyond our control and can cause us to have to cancel a race.

If Go Beyond Racing has to cancel a race for any reason, we will give all registered runners the option of receiving a 50% race credit, which is good toward any Go Beyond Racing event. The credit is good for one year from date of issue. If the cancelled race had a lottery, you can bypass the next year’s lottery if you want to register for the same race.

We will notify racers via email with details if we are in the unfortunate position to have to cancel a race.


Cancelling a Registration to Switch Distances:

Sometimes you want to drop down to a shorter distance or step up to a longer race. If you want to switch distances in a race, here is how that process works:

Races with Wait Lists

If you want to move to a distance in a race that is already sold out and has a wait list, you will have to get on the wait list. You cannot just move into the race or jump to the head of the list, as this is not fair to those already on the wait list. Here are the steps you’ll take, which are only possible if initiated 30 days or more prior to the race:

  1. Contact us to let us know you want to change distances. We will remove you from that race and give you 50% Go Beyond race credit on that original distance. This credit is not available to be used toward the new distance.
  2. Register for the wait list on the new distance. Here’s more information about the wait list process.
  3. Depending on the wait list outcome for the new distance:
    • If you are selected off the wait list, your credit card is charged for the full price of the new distance. Contact us for another 50% race credit on the original distance. Again, this cannot be used toward the new distance as your card has already been charged. You now have a full Go Beyond race credit from your original distance to use toward a future Go Beyond race.
    • If you are not selected off the wait list, your Go Beyond race credit on the original distance stays at 50%.

No Wait List

If you want to switch distances in a race that is not sold out and doesn’t have a wait list,that’s easy! Just contact us and we will move you over. You won’t receive any race credits if you are moving to a less expensive distance. If you are switching to a more expensive distance, you pay the difference.


Pregnancy Deferral

We understand the challenges that becoming pregnant and having a baby can have on racing and have this pregnancy deferral policy to address this.