Go Beyond Racing 2020 Race Schedule

The sweat hasn’t even dried from 2019 racing and people are already planning for next year. Heck, there is still plenty of racing to do this year yet. But we hear that you want to know what the Go Beyond Racing 2020 race calendar looks like, so here you go.

Everything pretty much stays the same weekend/schedule as this year, with the exception of the NUT moving to August. And yes, we have something new we are working on! Not many details to share just now, but we’re targeting June and it’ll be more than a 50K but less than a 50M. We may have something else up our sleeves, more of an early season thang, but it is too soon to say more now.

Race Date Registration
Portland Trail Series Spring May 6, 20, June 3, 17, July 1 December 1, 2019
Smith Rock Ascent (50K, 15M, 4M, Kids) May 16-17 October 1, 2019
Stumptown Trail Runs (Half, 50K) May 23 & 25 November 1, 2019
Bend Trail Series June 4, 18, July 2, 16 January 1, 2019
Wy’east Wonder (50M, 50K) June 13 December 1, 2019
Maybe Something New (not actual name) June TBA
Portland Trail Series Summer July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5 April 1, 2020
Mt. Hood (50M, 50K, 25K) July 11-12 January 5, 2020 (50M lottery), January 13 (50K, 25K)
Volcanic (50K, 25K) August 1 February 1, 2020
Gnar Gnar August 16 February 1, 2020
NUT (TBA distance) August 29 February 1, 2020
Portland Trail Series Fall September 2, 16, 30, October 14, 28 July 1, 2020
Mountain Lakes 100 September 19 January 20, 2020 (lottery)
Elk-Kings Trail Races (50K, 25K, Mountain Marathon) October 10 April 1, 2020
Lastest Not Fastest October 17 April 1, 2020

So there you are. Get out your calendar and start penciling in what you want to race and when you want to volunteer for 2020.

Of course, as always, all these dates are dependent on permit approvals.

UPDATE: The June Something New race is actually the Bristow 24/12 Run, on June 27th. Also, the NUT will have the 50K in 2020, and a new 17-mile distance. There is no NUT 100K in 2020.