Oregon 200

Oregon's First & Only 200-Miler

Aug 23rd–27th

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Crew & Pacers

The Oregon 200 race allows for both crew and pacers. A runner can certainly complete the race without one or both, and many people do these types of races without. We fully support you racing either way.

Crew Information

Crew is allowed at the aid stations noted on the Aid Station Chart on the Course page, and only those aid stations. If a crew member or spectator shows up at an aid station where they are not allowed, the racer will be disqualified and pulled from the race.

We ask for crew to monitor their runner’s progress on the via the live tracking and arrive at the aid station as near to their expected arrival time as possible, and then to depart after the runner leaves. This reduces the number of cars/vehicles at the aid stations, many which do not have enough space for everyone to show up and hang out for a long time. Since this race is during a busy weekend in the forest already, we want to reduce our impact on other users.

Aid Station Driving Directions

Here are the turn-by-turn directions with mileages that you can print:

Driving Directions

These printed directions are the best and work well if using the course map GPX at the same time. Note that the forest road numbers in our directions are from the Forest Service 2016 layer in Caltopo. Some road, for some unknown reason, have different numbers on different maps, which is why we suggest using the Caltopo app (or another app) with the course map GPX with Forest Service as your base layer.


Below are Google map links to get to the aid stations. Keep in mind that you won’t have service on most of the course so these links  won’t be accessible then.

DO NOT follow Google Map directions to get from Oakridge to Timpanogas (or any Google map directions) that tell you to drive between Crescent Lake and Summit Lake. That road is impassable for almost every kind of vehicle. Trust us. Seriously.

Google Map directions

Greenwaters Park to Aid Station 3 (Sacadanga) – 1 hour 5 mins, 26.2 miles

Aid Station 3 (Sacandaga) to Aid Station 6 (Lemolo) – 1 hour 9 mins, 27 miles > CREW are not allowed to drive on the course to get to Lemolo. Follow our driving directions above instead.

Aid Station 3 (Sacandaga) to Aid Station 4/5 (Timpanogas) – 41 min, 16 miles

Aid Station 4/5 (Timpanogas) to Aid Station 6 (Lemolo) – 1 hour 48 mins, 42 miles > CREW are not allowed to drive on the course to get to Lemolo. Follow our driving directions above instead. You must go back towards Sacandaga and then south.

Aid Station 6 (Lemolo) to Aid Station 7 (Toketee) – 29 mins, 21 miles

Aid Station 11 (Sacandaga) to Aid Station 12 (Sand Prairie) – 42 mins, 13 miles

There is no crew or spectator driving on the following roads:

  • Forest Road 23 and 2118 (this is on the east side of Hills Creek Reservoir, between the CT Beach and Sand Prairie Aid Stations). You can drive on the west side, on Forest Road 21, which is paved.
  • Forest Road 2154, 770, 700, and 60 (between the Timpanogas and Lemolo Aid Stations)

There is gas in Oakridge and at Diamond Lake (near the Lemolo aid station)


If a runner is dropping from the race, for any reason, the crew should help ensure the runner lets the aid station captain know that they are withdrawing. They’ll likely be tired and perhaps frustrated and not thinking clearly, but the racer must turn in their bib and SPOT device to the aid station, so that we know they are accounted for and leaving the course and we do not need to go looking for them.

Pacer Information

You can have multiple pacers throughout the race, but only one can run with you at a time. Pacers cannot mule for you – this means they cannot carry items for the runner. They can eat at the aid stations and utilize the sleep stations if there are cots available; racers get first priority.

All pacers must sign a waiver and pick up a bib at Greenwaters Park or at any of the aid stations where they can join their runner. A pacer bib is worn and visible at all times when on course with a runner.

Pacers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the course. The parking space at the aid station is limited and so pacers cannot park and leave their vehicle there while they run. Coordinating rides with crew is the best way to get to and from the aid stations.


Since pacers need to get to and from the course on their own, and there will be crews going to the same places, we’ve created a Carpool Google Sheet where people can coordinate rides. If you know you will need a ride somewhere or can offer a ride, post it there.