2021 Races – Who the Heck Knows

We are currently planning for the 2021 races to be normal. We are also planning for the season to be COVID-affected. We don’t know what will be going on with state requirements/guidelines, permits, capacities, and the pandemic next year. It is our hope and goal to put on all of our usual races.

The 2021 races could look different. Post-race food and hanging out may be gone, fields might be smaller, some events may span multiple days, crew and/or spectators may or may not be allowed, fewer aid station and/or more drop bags… we just don’t know yet and won’t until next year gets closer. But, we’re doing the work now so that if we are able and it is safe to do so, we can race in 2021! Things may change often and quickly as we work toward next year. Each race’s webpage will always have the most current information.

2021 Races

Here is what we are planning for 2021 race dates. Don’t rush out to buy airline tickets or book lodging just yet though, but you definitely should put the ones on your calendar that you want to run. Some registrations may open with as waitlist so you don’t actually pay, until we are sure of the race happening. You can bet though, that when we put on a race in 2021, it is going to be awesome.

Wood You Rather
April 17 – registration opens 1/15

Portland Trail Series Spring
May 5, 19, June 2, 16, 23 – registration opens 1/15

Smith Rock Ascent  
May 15-16 – registration opens 11/1/20

Stumptown Trail Runs 
May 29 & 31 – registration opens 11/1/20

Wy’east Wonder 
June 12 & 13 – registration opens 1/15

Bristow 24/12 Run
June 19 – registration opens 1/15

Portland Trail Series Summer
July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4 – registration opens 4/1

Mt Hood 50M, 50K, 25K 
July 10 & 11- registration opens 1/3 & 1/17

Volcanic 50K & 25K 
August 7 & 8 – registration opens 2/1

Bend Trail Series
August 12, 26, September 9, 23 – registration opens 3/1

Gnar Gnar
August 15 – registration opens 2/1

NUT 50K & 17M
August 28 – registration opens 3/1

Portland Trail Series Fall
September 1, 15, 29, October 13, 27- registration opens 7/5

Mountain Lakes 100 
September 18 – registration opens 2/1

Elk-Kings Trail Races 
October 2 – registration opens 4/1

Lastest Not Fastest
October 9 – registration opens 4/1


Future Virtual Races

We received so much positive feedback about and requests to do the Favorite Place Race and the RUN the PCT virtual races again, so we just might. We’ll see what happens with in-real-life races but are certainly considering offering those and maybe other new virtual races again next year. A runner’s gotta run so if we can give you some motivation, we will.


All the Other Events

Until we know more, we are holding off on scheduling the other events we put on each year; Season Kick-Off Party, Volunteer Party, Various Trail Work Parties, Sherpa Showdown, and Course Preview Weekends.


Here’s to 2021!