2020 Races that Provide UTMB Points

For the fifth year, we have made all of our races that we can be UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc) qualifiers. This involves having the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) evaluate each course and UTMB determining a point value based on that evaluation. Each of the UTMB races has a number of points you have to earn, in order to submit to their lottery.

2020 Races with UTMB Points

Another Way to Race UTMB

UTMB has modified their entry system with the addition of ‘stones’ you can earn by running some of their other races. It can get a little confusing, so here are a couple articles that may help you understand the process:

UTMB Mag – Discover the New Entry Process of the UTMB Mont-Blanc

Trailrunner Magazine – The New Entry Rules of UTMB Explained


Our hope is that people choose our races because they want to run our races. But, if someone wants to run any of the UTMB races, we are more than happy to help make that happen. Heck, we would like to do that ourselves someday, we just have to figure out how to run our own races while directing them.