Friend Refund for ’21 Races

Lotteries can make planning hard and we understand that, so we offer what we call the Friend Refund for our Mt Hood 50 Miler and the Mountain Lakes 100 races. This gives you an ‘out’ if your name gets drawn, but the friend(s) you wanted to race with isn’t selected.

Here’s how the Friend Refund works:

  1. If your name is drawn in the lottery but you don’t want your spot because your running partner was not picked, you must contact us (use this form) by 5:00 p.m. Pacific the Monday after the lottery. For Mt. Hood 50 that is January 11 and for Mountain Lakes 100 it is February 8.
  2. We will remove you from the race and refund your registration fee. We cannot refund the Ultrasignup processing fee.
  3. By removing you from the race, we can invite someone from the wait list to take your spot.

This year’s lotteries are a bit different since we offered a lottery bypass to the Mt Hood 50M entrants and a rollover option to the Mountain Lakes 100 registrants from last year’s cancelled races. This means that there will be fewer names drawn during the lottery as some of the spots are already spoken for. And, since we’re still doing our best to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, we’ll hold the drawings online, live via social media, instead of in-person.


Mt Hood 50 Lottery

Registration for the 50-miler opens on January 3rd and closes at 6:00 p.m. PT on the 9th. The drawing happens, live, on Go Beyond Racing’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, on Sunday the 10th. Race capacity is 150 runners. There were 95 from the cancelled 2020 race who chose to bypass the 2021 lottery, so 55 names will get drawn during the live lottery. All remaining names are placed on the wait list later that same day.


Mountain Lakes 100 Lottery

A rollover option was offered to the 2020 entrants and 128 choose it. That means that those 128 people are automatically in the 2021 race. This race also has a 150 person capacity, so that leaves just 22 spots open for the drawing. Registration for the lottery opens February 1st and closes February 6th at 6:00 p.m. PT. The drawing happens live, online, on Sunday, February 7th at 10:00 a.m.


Wait Lists for Those Not Drawn

For all the people who are not drawn in the lotteries, there’s still hope to run. Those names are placed on a wait list. When someone in the race cancels, that open spot is offered to the first person on the wait list. Your credit card is not charged unless and until you accept the invitation to move off the wait list. We’ll invite people in from the wait lists until race registration closes, so there’s a chance. Yes, we’re saying there’s a chance.


Pictured are Nicole Whiting & Jenny Yoakum, finishing the 2019 Mountain Lakes 100 together. These two friends love to race together. PC: Runnerteriphotography